Bird Buffer - Bird Control
Bird Buffer - Bird Control
Bird Buffer - Bird Control
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Proven Bird Control


Invisible Protection...Visible Results ®

BirdBuffer is the answer to bird control. With a range of tested OSHA friendly bird control products to suit your needs, you're sure to find the perfect solution. The new models, patented BirdBuffer®Q2, TD and Super BirdBuffer are designed to protect your facility from unwanted, messy birds safely. When birds keep coming back and you’ve tried everything imaginable, then it’s time for BirdBuffer Q2, TD, TF or Super BirdBuffer. Just because we’re safe, doesn’t mean it won’t work…It really works! And it’s invisible!

Learn more about how BirdBuffer works, view our list of recent clients, read case studies and testimonials, and watch our video to find out more about BirdBuffer.

For easy bird control without the labor of netting and spikes, contact us or call 866-557-4274 today for a FREE Evaluation!

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Bird Buffer - Bird Control
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