Success Stories/Customers

We’ve been using BirdBuffer machines since 2009 and are very satisfied with their performance.

J. G. ~ Maintenance Supervisor | Austin Convention Center

After witnessing BirdBuffer's success at Reno's bus depot, we now plan successful bird control right into our architectural designs.

T.B.P. ~ Lead Architect & Designer | Parsons Brinckerhoff Architects

With BirdBuffer® operating, we were finally able to stop passing out umbrellas to stop the bird droppings from hitting our passengers lining up for busses.

C.G. Bus Terminal Manager | City of Reno

BirdBuffer is safe for use in our hangars. It should be used extensively as the most viable solution to bird problems that have serious health implications. The cost of not dealing with this growing problem far outweighs the low cost and negligible risk involved.

U.S.A.F. Staff Sergeant | United States Air Force

There was no fluid residue, grape flavor, or bird damage on apples we taste-tested after BirdBuffer® had been vaporizing for a 2 week period. We have seen BirdBuffer® in action and can testify to its ability to provide effective bird control in our orchards.

R.K. ~ Apple Grower | Apple Orchard - Manson, WA

BirdBuffer® is operating well. I have seen a decline in bird activity in the pallet yard which was our main area of concern. Thank you.

Q.A. Manager | California Food Processing Plant

We are getting good results on the machine [BirdBuffer®]. The birds are no longer in the building and the stage area is clean.

W.P. - Pest Control | NBC Universal Studios - Orlando

This has been the nicest method of handling our bird control problems. There are no more birds. We thank BirdBuffer for their very humane method of handling bird control. They spent time with me to ensure that I felt comfortable with their work and machine.

Property Manager | Seattle Retail Shopping Center

Stop spending money on methods that don't work - nets, spikes, gels, guns, and poisons! With a range of proven OSHA friendly - FDA approved and GRAS bird control products, BirdBuffer® is sure to have a product to suit your needs!

Gary Crawford | Bird Buffer LLC

Since installing BirdBuffers in our power plants, our labor and maintenance costs have reduced dramatically! Hardly any more pigeons or their droppings to deal with!

Pacific Gas & Electric | Several California Locations

Only 2 BirdBuffers have protected the massive roof of the KC Convention Center since 2008 saving tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Maintenance Crew | Kansas City Convention Center

BirdBuffers utilize eco-friendly technology that vaporizes a grape juice extract which naturally repels birds from the unwanted area. They don't like the invisible irritant so they leave the area and stay away!

Walt Beals | BirdBuffer

Previously, crops from 11 cherry trees had completely been eaten by birds. Only 4 cherries were salvageable.  After BirdBuffer®, 100 lbs of cherries were harvested from just a couple of trees.

C.E. ~ Grower | Chelan Lake Cherry Orchard

Our bird problems would just not go away. We had tried everything. In just one month, BirdBuffer has completely changed the disastrous nightmare to a beautiful location to shop.

T.H. - Manager | W. Seattle - Property Management Group

All areas of the produce processing and packaging facility are protected from the presence of birds with BirdBuffer® - a very effective system that repels them.

Reported by Primus Labs | Florida Food Processor
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Bartle Hall
Pacific Gas & Electric
U.S. Air Force
Costco Wholesale
City of Reno
Bombardier Learjet
Pat's Aircraft Systems
Four Seasons Hotel Resort
Thomas Produce
NRG Solar System
Critter Control
Parsons Brinckerhoff

Architects – Contractors
Gibraltar Construction Corp.
West Coast Contractors of Nevada
Whiting-Turner Contracting

Auto Industry
APM Truck Repair
Auto Detailing Center
General Motors

Pilgrim Bank
UMB Bank

City of Reno
City of Wichita
Kansas City, MO

Colleges – Universities
Kansas State University

Convention Centers
Austin Texas Convention Center
Kansas City Convention Center

Georgia Pacific Packaging
Thomas Produce Company

Food Processing
Bunge North America
Del Monte
Flour Mills
General Mills
Gingerich Farms
Mars Pet Food Factory
Musco Olive
Pasco Processing
Pioneer Growers
Seneca Foods
Thomas Produce

Hospitals – Medical
University of Kansas Medical Center
U.S. Veterans Administration

Four Seasons Hotel Resort
Grand Wailea Resort
Holiday Inn Express
Sheraton Princess Hotel

Apple Orchard
Cherry Orchard

Pest Control
Chicago Land Pest Services
Clark Pest Control

Critter Control
J.C. Erhlich
Johndrow’s Pest Control

Post Office
U.S. Post Office

Property Management
Simon Property Group
Public Works, MO

Houston’s Restaurant
50+ Costco Food Courts
Union Station

Retail – Shopping
Barnes & Noble
Costco Stores
Fashion Valley Mall

D.O.T. – Missouri
Pat’s Aircraft
Reno Bus Depot
Texas Metro Transit
U.S. Air Force Hangar

Utility Companies
Nebraska Public Power
NRG Solar System
Nuclear Power Plants
Pacific Gas & Electric

Warehouse – Storage
Big R
U.S. Army – South Korea



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