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How It All Started

Pigeons and other birds fly in large open spaces that are not easily controlled by people. Businesses are seriously affected by the messy disease-infested droppings that accompanies them. Companies often spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on experimental methods that may or may not work, resulting in frustration, lost time, and inefficient use of maintenance budgets. Migratory birds in these open air spaces are especially difficult to prevent from returning to their previous known feeding, nesting, resting, or brooding grounds around these facilities…

…Until a new and innovative method was discovered and the BirdBuffer® was invented …
When BirdBuffer® Inventor & CEO Gary Crawford raised homing pigeons and raced them, he would take them 200 miles from their home and, invariably, they would beat him home to their cage. One year after closing the cages, they were still coming back. “They remembered their home location from 200 miles away and continued to test the area for moving back in. I learned then that birds have great memories,” Crawford explains.
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How fitting that 40 years later, Crawford, owner of CITC, an award-winning special effects company, would use his knowledge of pigeons to build a machine for pigeon control in open spaces.” At CITC we have been manufacturing specialty machines to create haze, wind, smoke and other special effects for the entertainment industry since 1990″, says Crawford. “In fact, we have the largest selection of haze machines in the world.” CITC manufactures small particle haze machines for opera houses, basketball arenas, large sport arenas, movie sets, and anywhere that dry, even, long lasting haze is needed. Visit us at to learn more about all of our special effects equipment and products.

In  November of 1994, a harmless grape food flavoring called methyl anthranilate (MA) was found to deter birds without harming them by stimulating the trigeminal nerve found only in birds. (Registered by the EPA and the FDA, it was employed in crop sprayers for spraying fruits under the name of  Avian Control or EcoBird 4.0.)
Applying his knowledge of birds and pigeons to his special effects experience and expertise with haze, fog, and air currents Crawford developed the technology and the company which bears its name – Bird Buffer® LLC. The BirdBuffer® is a smaller particle machine which uses the previously mentioned methyl anthranilate (MA) to create the invisible haze/vapor that encourages birds to fly to new roosting areas without harming them. Using powerful wind technology, the nano-particles from the BirdBuffer® stay suspended in the vaporized air for up to 6 hours thereby creating effective bird control in large areas for long distances.
“We used to wonder why the birds didn’t leave until they started flying through the vapor particles floating in the air. Then we realized it was their faster breathing during flying that stimulated the birds causing them to leave.” Crawford said. “So we incorporated timed automation for short output duration during their flying times and not when they sleep.” Being familiar with the habits of pigeons, he understood how to get the best response from them. Vaporizing the fluid in timed release keeps it fresh throughout the day and reduces the amount of fluid consumption, resulting in the best response from the birds and ultimately saving the cost of clean-up and maintenance.

The tiny size of the vapor created by BirdBuffer® ensures the scent of grapes is mild and pleasant. When used indoors, the vapor is just enough to stimulate birds to leave, yet not bother people, animals, workers in the facility or even the birds. It just makes them go away. Read more about “How it Works”…


The patented BirdBuffer® system is the original flying-bird-deterrent in the world. It is proven to work and is extremely cost-effective. Because it is automated with a timer, it is easier to install than most other types of bird control and labor is minimized. BirdBuffers® only use an average of one gallon of Avian Control or EcoBird 4.0 monthly to gain bird control up to a 5 acre area. That’s quite a savings of money and time. When you want “Invisible Protection with Visible Results” for your business, contact us or call at 1-425-697-4274 for your FREE Evaluation.