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Good news!

You can begin getting rid of your bird nuisance for as little as $270 with a $1.00 buyout at the end of the lease period!

You don’t have to wait any longer and see your bird problem worsen.  We want to help you have a clean, bird-free environment right away.    Messy birds are not only costing you time, labor, and money; they also present a health risk.  We are here to help.

We understand that it may be difficult for you to come up with the full cost of a BirdBuffer® unit right now. Don’t let this stop you.  You can get started for as little as $270 per month with our “Lease to Purchase” program.  Your business can write off the equipment as a monthly maintenance cost, rather than carry equipment on your balance sheet as an asset, waiting for depreciation.  You will quickly see a great return on your investment.

Contact us today for more information and to request a password to see our pricing charts – lease and rental options.  If you already have a relationship with a company for capital investment purchases, you may want to contact them directly once you have an estimate in hand. We will gladly provide any necessary information from our end to expedite the process for you.

Let’s move the birds to a better “play environment” for them and a far better work environment for your company.

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