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  • BirdBuffer® TDII - All New!
  • BirdBuffer® TDII - All New!
  • BirdBuffer® TDII - All New!
  • BirdBuffer® TDII - All New!
All Newly Designed – Fully Automated BirdBuffer® TDII Bird Control Device
Patent No. 7334745
For warm or cold environments, birds stay away when BirdBuffer® TDII is on the job. When you’ve tried everything else, this is the best and most reliable method of cost effective bird control without the fuss. Made for easy upkeep and maintenance, this machine creates a pleasant atmosphere to keep birds away. Now installed worldwide, it stands guard when everyone else is taking care of business.

BirdBuffer® controls flying birds in open spaces by dispersing a safe, invisible vapor, using 20% Avian Control® Fluid (Methyl Anthranilate, or MA) or 40% Eco Bird® Fluid. This vapor is released at 45 mph, irritates the birds’ eyes and mucous membranes without risk to their health or the health of nearby people. For the BirdBuffer® to be effective, the birds must be exposed to the vapor by flying through the affected area. After several returns, the birds learn that the vapor is in the area and find a different location for permanent roosting. The BirdBuffer® TDII is effective on grackles, pigeons, starlings, crows, seagulls and other flying birds. Smaller birds such as sparrows respond slower and may require additional stimulation, such as a BirdBuffer® TF or TR Kit, to activate them to fly more.

      • »  Covers 1/2 acre indoors and out
      • »  4x Faster output than previous models
      • »  All-weather design protects interior from the elements
      • »  High volume blower and controller operates quietly
      • »  Insulated compartment and built-in heater keep fluid warm for cold weather operation
      • »  Easiest maintenance yet
      • »  Simple controls for customized operation times
      • »  Easy access to one gallon non-overfill fluid tank & drain
      • »  Patented Dry Vapor design emits small particles for residue-free operation
      • »  Improved filtration for cleaner output
      • »  Easy access to control panel
      • »  Protective hood over outlet reduces wind obstruction
      • »  Protective lip protrusion for controls
      • »  High-Quality powder-coating
      • »  New improved solid state sealed circuit board
      • »  Outdoor weather control panel cover
      • »  More hanging, mountable brackets available

One or more of the following accessories may be needed depending on placement and facility. These will be determined during your FREE Consultation and Evaluation. See our PRODUCTS page for more information regarding each one.

      • »  Roof Stand
      • »  Drip Pan
      • »  Roof Mat
      • »  Shelf Assembly
      • »  Hanging Harness
      • »  Hanging Bracket Stand
      • »  Windicator® (for finding good placement)
      • »  BirdBuffer® Thermal Fogger (TF)
      • »  BirdBuffer® Timed-Release Thermal Fogger (TF)
      • »  Various Spray Kits
The BIRDBUFFER TDII® developed and patented by BIRDBUFFER LLC Everett, WA USA
P/N 800012
Weight 53 lbs
Shipping Weight 68 lbs
Size 23.25” x 16” x 12.25”
Shipping Box Size 24” x 18” x 18”
Nozzle Opening 2.25” x 2.25”
Fluid *Avian Control Fluid  or Eco Bird 4.0 (must be dated fresh) BIRDBUFFER LLC Label
Type of Vapor MA, Grape like scent, transparent, long-lasting
Fluid Consumption  ½ oz per ½ hour
or 1 gal per 30 days
Output speed 40 mph velocity
Warm Up Time None
Operating Temperature Avian Control: 0°F – 104°F w/ Heater
Eco Bird: 35°F – 104°F w/ Heater
Continuous Vapor Can run continuously
Duration indoors Vapor lasts 2 – 3 hours per 30-45 sec output use
Digital Control Included: adjusts 0-4 min 15 sec   both “on “ and “off”
24 hr. Timer Included
Electrical Supply 120 VAC, 10 Amp
One – Five Year Limited Warranty BirdBuffer ® LLC guarantees to the original purchaser this product shall be Free of defects in material and workmanship, under normal use, for a period from the date of purchase on the sales receipt for one year for electronics and five years for the compressor and the blower.
Accessories not included: Floor mat for chemicals
Drip pan for catching spilled fluids
Avian Control Fluid
Accessories included: 1 x power cords
4 x hanging cables with snap hooks
Fluid: Avian Control Fluid or Eco Bird 4.0

Rev. 10/17

One To Five Year Limited Warranty

This product shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year electronics and five years for compressor and blower from the date of purchase. This warranty covers parts and labor providing the product is returned to BirdBuffer LLC and has been emptied of all fluids and bagged prior to shipment. Further that the packing be sufficient to protect equipment during shipment such as shipping in original box or equivalent without using plastic packing peanuts (UPS requires 2” rigid packing material for insurance coverage during shipping).

Customer must call and obtain an RMA form, approval and number for any returned merchandise to be
accepted. Warranty does not include normal wear, cleaning or other use of the merchandise in the course
of operation. It is the customers responsibility to maintain the machine with normal maintenance.

A one year warranty for the electrical components includes the timers and printed circuit board. Motor,
compressor, and other parts are covered under the five year limited warranty.

Only use dated labeled Avian Control Fluid less than one year or warranty is void (older fluid and used or stale
fluid severely damages interior parts).

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