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Press Release, Safety

On March 7th, a Portland Oregonian/ Associated Press article (see link below) outlined the use of a product called Avitrol, as the cause of “dead crows falling from the sky and suffering seizures on the ground”,  in the Portland, Oregon area.  This should not and does not have to happen.


BirdBuffer LLC of Everett, WA, finds the use of poison for bird control, alarming, appalling, and an unacceptable way to control pest-birds. BirdBuffers’ bird control systems employ an effective, safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly formula that is made from the skin of a grape. It is safe for birds, people and animals. They encourage all pest control companies and facility managers to contact BirdBuffer to learn more about eco-friendly bird-control and prevent this horrible experience from happening again. 


You can contact them at (425) 697-4274 or