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Q4 3 Quarter Q4 3 Quarter
Q4 Back Q4 Back
Q4 Wall Mount Q4 Wall Mount
Q4 Fill Tank Q4 Fill Tank
BirdBuffer Q4 & Q4-2 (Double Output)
P/N 800027 & P/N 800037



The BirdBuffer Q4 & Q4-2 are commercial grade units that cover up to 45,000 square feet. The machines have our patented dry-vapor technology that are designed to solve major bird problems in difficult to control areas. These two machines are the same size with the only difference between these units is that the Q4-2 produces two times the vapor as the Q4.


Food Processors
Utility Substations
Outside Storage Facilities
Retail Shopping Centers
Airport Hangars
Grocery Stores
Big Box Retail Stores
Amusement Parks

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TD-II 3 Quarter TD-II 3 Quarter
TD-II Controls TD-II Controls
TD-II Side TD-II Side
TD-II Wall Mount TD-II Wall Mount
BirdBuffer TD-II

P/N 800012



The BirdBuffer TDII commercial grade units cover up to 25,000 square feet. The machine uses our patented dry-vapor technology designed specifically to solve bird problems in hard to control areas.


Food Court Areas 
Small Airplane Hangers 
Storage Areas 
Apartment Complexes
Amusement Parks
Refuse Areas
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BirdBuffer QT

Non Toxic / Eco Friendly Bird Control

Patent #7334745


The BirdBuffer QT is the easy, affordable and effective solution for pest bird problems. One quart of grape scented solution is converted into one month’s supply of ultra-small particle bird control vapor made by the BirdBuffer QT. This unit protects areas as large as 5,000 square feet automatically. Effective on crows, pigeons, grackles, starlings, sparrows and most pest birds that fly.


Garage Areas
Attic Spaces
Under Awnings
Covered Pavillion
Dining Areas
And More...
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BirdBuffer TF11

TF11 is a lightweight thermal fogger that generates a large volume of fog for use indoors and outdoors.


The BirdBuffer TF11 Thermal Fogger is ideal for pest-bird control. The fogger converts Avian Control or Eco Bird into a fine particulate fog that covers a large open area with or without obstructions. It also can permeate those harder to reach nesting/roosting locations. The thermal fogger generates a hot exhaust from a TF11 engine that creates a large quantity of fog without burning off the active ingredient methyl anthranilate.

The TF11 Thermal Fogger is a good solution for a more accelerated effect but works best as a part of a more systematic solution when used in conjunction with BirdBuffer units for optimal avian control.


  • Lightweight only 17.5 lbs / 7.9kg empty and easily portable capable of applying 11 gallons (42 Liters) of solution per hour.
  • Stainless steel fuel tank and formulation tank.
  • Absolutely reliable ignition uses 4 “D” cell batteries.
  • Produces a smoky fog, with smaller particles than ULV sprayers, and longer spray distance.

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BirdBuffer® TF Quiet Thermal Fogger

P/N 80050


Propane powered. Adapted for use with MA fluid. Provides immediate results. The BirdBuffer® TF makes even the smallest of pest birds find other places to roost and nest. The handheld fogger is easy to use and gets birds to leave right away. The BirdBuffer® Quiet Thermal Fogger is the perfect tool for humane and effective avian relocation. Hard to get rid of birds

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BirdBuffer® TR Time Release Aerosol Kits

P/N 840040-KIT


The BirdBuffer TR Timed Release Aerosol Kit is a timed-release, eco-friendly answer to getting rid  of pest birds, safely and humanely. It’s easy-to-use, programmable aerosol spray unit dispenses mist automatically at preset intervals.
Not available in California.


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BirdBuffer® Pump Spray Kit

P/N 845000-B-Pump


Easy to apply and produces a fine mist for lawns, gardens, patios, and more. Hard to get rid of birds

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BirdBuffer® Hose Spray Kit

P/N 845000-B-Hose


Use for larger areas like landscaping, fields, and orchards.

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Windicator Fog-in-a-can

P/N 845000-B-Pump


Windicator is used for determining wind direction for the best placement of BirdBuffers. (It is also a handy tool for golfers, hunters, and fishermen or anyone needing to determine wind direction for any purpose.) Windicator is odorless, harmless and safe. Meets EPA Standards.
Contains approximately 5 twenty-second sprays per can. Can wind direction be determined without a can of Windicator®?


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Avian Control® Monthly Maintenance Kits

Comes in 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 55 gallon or 275 gallon Tote Containers


Avian Control is an EPA-registered liquid bird repellent that will help you overcome your bird problems. It works by training pest birds to stay away from your property. With it’s mild, effective 20% MA formula, the scent is pleasant and safe around plants, animals and people.

If using Avian Fluid, no additional heater is needed unless the temperature falls under -10 ºF.

(1) Gallon (3.8 liters) Avian Control Fluid
(1) Replacement filter for (Q4 or Q4-2 or TD-II)
(1) Pair of gloves 
(1) Cleanup cloth
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Eco-Bird® 4.0 Monthly Maintenance Kits

Comes in 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon containers or 275 gallon Tote Containers


EcoBird’s key ingredient is Methyl Anthranilate, contains 40% MA. EcoBird is only recommended for outdoor industrial use away from food crops and is compatible with BirdBuffer’s TD-II and Q4 machines. For tough bird problems, EcoBird has the highest concentration of MA available!

If using Eco-bird 4.0, no additional heater is needed unless the temperature falls under 0 ºF.

(1) Gallon (3.8 liters) Eco-Bird Fluid
(1) Replacement filter for (Q4 or Q4-2 or TD-II)
(1) Pair of gloves 
(1) Cleanup cloth
Commercial Mounting Accessories


820054All-Weather Panel CoverProtect your Q4 or Q4-2 control panel from the elements.Q4, Q4-2
820064Roof stand48"L x 34"W x 24"H Freestanding powder-coated steel roof stand.Q4, Q4-2 & TD-II
820062Wall Mounting BracketAttaches any Birdbuffer unit to a wall or pole up to 8".
Can be mounted in the upper or lower positions.
Q4, Q4-2 & TD-II
820060Hanging HarnessOver 38"-12', includes 4 cables with locking hooksQ4, Q4-2 & TD-II
820034 Drip PanFits in BirdBuffer roofstand. Holds 2 gallonsRoofstand
820057Absorbent Mat3' x 5' Absorbent Mat fits beneath the roof stand to protect roof from any drips and damage.Roofstand
BirdBuffer Refills


845000-B1 Gal. Refill of Avian
Control Fluid & Mix
BirdBuffer Pump Spray Kit

BirdBuffer Hose Spray Kit
840005-B1 Gal. Refill of Avian
Control Fluid
BirdBuffer TF Quiet Thermal
840040-1Single Aerosol Canister ReplacementBirdBuffer TR Time
Release Aerosol Kit
840040-22-Pack Aerosol Canister ReplacementBirdBuffer TR Time
Release Aerosol Kit
840040-66-Pack Aerosol Canister ReplacementBirdBuffer TR Time
Release Aerosol Kit
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