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BirdBuffer, LLC offers an array of tested and successful solutions for our commercial customers.
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How It Works

The BirdBuffer® operates on standard (110v) household current and uses a patented electronically controlled vaporizer/blower to emit the vapor over large areas. The BirdBuffer® Q4 shown here, is placed on a rooftop over the area where birds fly. Alternatively, it can be mounted to a wall bracket, or suspended under eaves on sturdy cables, depending on the best solution for your bird problem.

The automated 24-hour digital timer controls the Q-4 unit. We match the vapor output with the birds active times at selected intervals. This allows for fresh vapor to be put into the air around the target areas. People and animals like the aroma of the MA vapor, as it adds a slightly sweet scent to the air. The birds however, HATE the scent, are irritated by it and are quickly deterred from returning.

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BirdBuffer® Q4 or Q4-2 (Double Output)

Our industrial grade Q4 & Q4-2 (double output) machines are perfect for large scale bird problems. The patented dry vapor technology protects up to a 1 acre area and can be used indoors or out. Wall mount sold separately.
Industries Serviced
Utility Substations (Q4 or Q4-2)
Outside Storage Facilities (Q4)
Airports (Q4 or Q4-2)
Grocery Stores (Q4)
Big Box Retail Outlets (Q4)
Nuclear Power Plants (Q4-2)
BirdBuffer® TD-II

Our TD-II machines feature 4x faster output than previous models. The TD-II supports a quiet high-volume blower along with an all-weather design. This machine covers 1/2 acre indoors or out. Wall mount sold separately.
Industries Serviced
Food Court Areas
Small Airplane Hangers
Storage Areas
Apartment Complexes
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Mounting Options & Accessories


Rooftop Mounting

Add on a Roof Stand, Drip Pan and Absorbent Mat rooftop mounting

Hanging Cables

Suspend your unit from a suitable recommended location with our Hanging Harness

Wall Mounting

Mount your unit to a wall or pole. This unit can be installed in either the upper or lower positions

Bird Control Fluid

Our patented Dry Vapor Technology uses Avian Control Fluid or EcoBird 4.0

Additional Tools

We offer additional solutions to help completely control even the most stubborn birds.
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Thermal Fogger (TF)

Propane powered. Adapted for use with MA fluid. Provides immediate results.

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Spray Repellent Kits

Spray areas where stubborn birds congregate.
Will work quickly for inundated areas.

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Time Release Aerosol Kit

Perfect for small locations such as courtyards, terraces, entrances or near trash bins. 

Do I need a PCO?

There are many authorized/licensed Pest Control Operators who carry the full warranty and guarantee of our product when they purchase the equipment through us. They have been well trained in bird handling, trapping, and clean-up. Their service comes with more than we can offer you from our location. If you need other work in reference to capture of critters, or if a bird is trapped in a room and cannot fly out, they have the equipment and know how to do the complete job. We have worked with many Pest Control Operators for several years. Call us to find one of our preferred operators in your area.

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