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Join with BirdBuffer to solve your customers' pest bird issues with the most effective & humane bird control technology.
Invisible Protection. Visible Results.

Our solutions to control your customer’s bird problems offer simplicity from installation to operation. A routine three step maintenance procedure keeps the BirdBuffer unit running optimally, bringing effective pest-bird control.

When your customer has an area of infestation, our rugged machines have you covered. From 1,500 sq ft to multi-acre sites, our patented machines help you take control of pest-bird populations with a cost-effective solution.

Each of our units emits tiny particles in a dry vapor form (less than 10 microns) that penetrate the flying bird’s mucus membranes. This safe, yet irritating response in a bird’s trigeminal nerve encourages birds to relocate. With the vapor constantly in the air, any bird attempting to return to the area will breathe the irritant, soon becoming trained not to return to the buffer zone. This is the crucial element to keeping the birds away from your customer’s target areas. Our process makes it possible to have better bird control than other forms and methods.

Build Your Business

Partner with us.
As an Authorized PCO Partner, you will work hand-in-hand with BirdBuffer to solve customers’ pest bird issues. Through our robust marketing and sales initiatives, PCOs are provided with qualified leads from customers who are ready to buy. Build your partnership with BirdBuffer and our great product line. We’ll provide you with industry leading training to sell, install and service BirdBuffer products.


Grow with us.
Effective bird control is handled by only a small percentage of pest control companies nationwide. By incorporating BirdBuffer into your solution offerings, we help open additional pathways to new recurring revenue streams. Our PCOs enjoy the ability to introduce their customers to a wide offering of pest control services, with cross-sell & upsell opportunities. Plus, you’ll enjoy discounts on all BirdBuffer products and supplies. Integrate into your existing PCO service model to generate a new substantial margin product offering.


Join us.

We are currently recruiting for a select network of Authorized BirdBuffer PCOs. If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone for more information, please contact us directly at (425) 697-4274.


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