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Today was the second day of application of the bird repellant. There was a more pronounced effect on the birds today compared to yesterday. No larger bodied birds were spotted today, meaning no pigeons or gulls were found on the property today. We still had small finches or sparrows on the south side of the building but not nearly as many as yesterday. Of the remaining birds all but a handful were more willing to leave the property when the fog was applied. Also the few hold outs there were noticeably more uncomfortable from the fogging
Greg B. from Frozen Bakery
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The  rendering below is of the 4th Street transit station for the City of Reno, NV completed by the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC). The new bus terminal designers did such a great job of planning and design, you can’t even see the BirdBuffer® machines on the roof from the ground, yet the birds are gone. Due to the difficult problems created by these flying creatures that had bombed the people waiting for boarding the bus at the old terminal, they planned the position of the machines during drafting. The BirdBuffers have been keeping birds away since June of 2010 – mainly pigeons, but also crows, doves, blackbirds and more.

Because the air flow was so diverse, they placed machines on all corners of the facility. It was approximately 3 acres and would have cost a fortune to net, plus look bad. To prevent the desire for the birds to come into this new area, they started operating the BirdBuffers® before the food vendors came in. This prevented the birds from forming the habit to return to a “known location” for food. Birds are extremely smart. Once they have established feeding habits, they can be much more difficult to re-train to stay away. It can take 3 weeks to 3 months to retrain the birds to stay away permanently as long as the BirdBuffer® is working. But in this case, they stayed away from the beginning. The City of Reno is pleased with the results and didn’t have visual site of any birds.

We recommend mounting the BirdBuffers® on a roof stand (30” high) to gain air flow under the machine and increase the height of the vapor where the birds fly.


Success Stories
PG&E of Oakland, CA solved their pigeon pest control issues by installing BirdBuffer® units to repel 55,000 starlings that were causing a great deal of mess with droppings. After 6 months of application, they reported, “there isn’t a bird within a mile from here. When birds nest, snakes climb to get the eggs. It causes a short of transformers.”

The vapor from a BirdBuffer® gives a natural repelling affect that keeps birds away. The invisible grape vapor works during daylight hours and keeps the pesky birds from returning.

» Placement of BirdBuffers at upper corner of 3 long capacitors –about 120’ x 300’
» Flocks of 55,000 starlings would fly in and leave their mess, making cleaning necessary – not anymore.
» Capacitors 30’ high with upwind. Wind going from NW to SE diagonally.
» Units have been installed since early 2013 – “They’re working great. No birds within a mile of here.”

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Lunch Areas

Lunch areas provide a great way to keep customers at the store, and of course, birds love them too. However, when the birds become pests, taking food and leaving droppings, it becomes an unpleasant event. Costco stores have tried to gain bird control with costly netting, which in many cases, resulted in the birds flying in lower to the tables where the food & clients were trying to eat.

Happy Costco Customers

Now that BirdBuffers® have been installed in many of the Costco stores, the birds stay outside of the lunch areas for the most part, and the customers are no longer bothered. Eventually, they go away and find other areas to hang out. Customers have commented to Costco managers of how happy they are that the eating areas are free of birds.

One of the great benefits about the BirdBuffer® is that it can be hidden from sight when installed. The unit can be mounted high and face out toward the area where the birds fly in. The air coming from behind or from the side, will push the light grape vapor across the front of the entrance, resulting in the birds avoiding the eating area. The vapor spreads out so thin, you can’t see it, and the light pleasant grape scent will not harm the birds; it just makes them go away.


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Bird Buffer LLC was able to help solve a long-standing bird problem on the U.S. Air Force base.

A USAF First Hand Report proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that netting is not the answer for bird control in hangars. BirdBuffer® utilizes a safe and proven eco-friendly, naturally occurring chemical from the skin of a grape (methyl anthranilate) to create a fog/haze that naturally repels birds. Netting only stops overhead activity and soon breaks down. The grape-scented vapor stops birds from wanting to be in the area at all. They find another location and leave.

This full report took some investigation and soon remedied an Air Force base problem that had been circumvented for years. Adjustable, friendly, easy to use, the BirdBuffer® Q4 and TD enable easy applications that can be done by maintenance crews with few instructions and saves thousands of dollars over conventional netting, spiking, and trapping.

Read the first hand report here

NOTE: Rejex-It is now Avian Control Fluid


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Bird control was needed to stop pigeon droppings on all of the planes, equipment and tools inside the hangar. When birds stayed overnight, it was a mess the next morning. (Bird Fact: On average, a well-fed pigeon deposits 25 pounds of droppings a year.)

Strategic placement of a BirdBuffer® with a 1 hp fan created a “barrier or buffer zone” to stop the birds. The birds don’t like the scent of the grape vapor when flying and breathing it in.

Tests show the birds stayed away after 2 months of daily use. Timing is important. Both machines were timed to come on only during the day since this is when the birds fly.

Pigeons that once flew in and stayed, now fly right back out. Placement of these machines near the door angled directly to the back were timed for just enough grape scent for humans to barely smell, yet is enough to keep out the birds.

Tests were shown in many airports that if birds are kept out of the hangars, it reduces bird traffic throughout the airport. This keeps the bird traffic down and reduces the potential spread of diseases associated with bird droppings in the hangers.

BirdBuffer® machines leave no residue, are easily installed and maintained. Once the birds remain away for several weeks or months at a time, the timing can be adjusted to use less fluid.

Contact us for a FREE EVALUATION of your site or call 1-425-697-4274.

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Cleaning Lear Jets from bird droppings and keeping them clean was a challenge for ALOFT AeroArchitects, formerly PATS Aircraft Systems, in Delaware. The birds basically made the hangar their home. After trying several remedies, they found the BirdBuffer.

With one Bird Buffer, ALOFT AeroArchitect’s was able to obtain the perfect solution for their problem.“We would watch the birds come in and fly right back out. We have had such good response that we’ve turned down the output to be much more energy efficient.”

Installation was fairly straight forward. The air-flow from the tube is tremendous, covering 200’ wide by 400’ long from one machine. This is the best and driest method of clean and natural bird control that doesn’t harm the birds. It just makes them go away.

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When a major hotel chain had to deal with swallows to keep them off their building, they called BirdBuffer, LLC. Though a protected species, swallows can be destructive when building nests made of mud. No one was able to stop the mud nests from ruining their exterior walls.

Every year at the same time, swallows would swarm by the hundreds to occupy their area on the walls and have their young. Sounds harmless enough: however, what is unknown by most is saliva from birds used to put little bits of mud on the wall gets hard. It’s so hard you can’t get it off with a 2.5″ fire hose at full pressure or a wire brush. You have to re-plaster the hole and repaint. Swallow’s nest material is hard even when hitting it with a hammer, so removal of nests after birds have left each year is a chore that requires skill and time. Damage to buildings is expensive to repair.

After purchasing BirdBuffer® in 2007 and using it each year when swallows return, they made progress against the birds’ return. Operating BirdBuffer® with safe grape-scented vapor from morning til dusk, discouraged their return. It worked. Each year they made more and more progress using BirdBuffer®, ultimately reducing the number of birds and mess by 50% each year. After 3 years, the hotel reported a huge reduction of activity that was very manageable.

Dealing with swallows needs a dedicated approach to gain bird control. But you must be patient…it takes time. For swallows and starlings, plan on a three year approach and stick with it every day during the nesting/flying period. BirdBuffer® will discourage birds from starting a nest, but won’t stop them once they’ve started nesting. Don’t give up. You can protect your property if you do it carefully and strategically. Operating BirdBuffer® as soon as the first sign of activity is important to gain control. Don’t wait until they are well established, because it’s three times harder.

No bird is harmed when using BirdBuffer®. You can get control of birds – even in the toughest environments with an eco-friendly BirdBuffer® system that is safe, cost-effective, proven to work where others fail, OSHA friendly, and humane! Contact us today for your free evaluation!


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Only two BirdBuffers have been protecting this roof since 2008 saving tens of thousands of dollars!

Try gaining bird control on this size of building with anything else but BirdBuffers®?! Only BirdBuffer® can “keep the birds away” safely over large areas like this. And with only two machines, BirdBuffer® has been keeping birds away since 2008!  Bartle Hall has saved thousands of dollars without traps, netting, or spikes to manage the birds and keep them away.

No more bird droppings to deal with, the maintenance crew at the Kansas City Convention Center (Bartle Hall) is keeping their roof and air conditioning systems clean without bird droppings doing tremendous damage. This cleaner environment makes regular maintenance normal without the mess and keeps away emergency cleanup after bird droppings.

Let us give you a FREE EVALUATION now! Call 1-425-697-4274 to see if one or two machines can remedy your bird problems by just keeping them away…automatically!


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The above photo now shows pretty colors where birds were creating a health hazard and white disease infested mess with their bird droppings. After 1-3 months into the program, the active birds left the area (and took their mess with them). Some birds can withstand discomfort on a temporary basis but as vapor-time goes on, they start leaving the area. (Bird droppings are not only a white stinky mess but they can carry over 42 diseases [or bugs] which is a health hazard.)

Some restaurants with outdoor seating have hundreds of pigeons, crows, blackbirds, starlings, and other birds which infest the roof tops, grounds, and railings where food is prepared and served. Because of the sheer size of each of these areas, this is a major challenge, especially outdoors.

Placement of a BirdBuffer® at the upwind side of the roof top (or under eves) repels birds with a grape-scented vapor over the top of the area where birds fly, causing them to leave the area.

Repel birds with an automated BirdBuffer®. The BirdBuffer® machines produce a constant, virtually invisible, dry-vapor with Avian Control or EcoBird 4.0 fluid. Effective with pigeons, crows, blackbirds, starlings, seagulls and more – it does not harm them, just keeps them away.

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We are happy to report that after having the BirdBuffer® System operational for several months, we have eliminated the roosting 100% and have gotten rid of the last 10% of birds. We passed our Food Safety Inspection. The Primus Lab inspector reported, “All areas of the facility are protected from the presence of birds with a very effective system that repels them.” (February 28, 2006)

A copy of our certification is below.


Now after several months of using this system, we are able to turn down the output (lower consumption of fluid) to maintain enough haze to warn new birds that might “test” the food plant, that there is no “free lunch here.” Mr. Crawford of BirdBuffer, LLC has been in touch with us and kept us informed of any new settings that we should adjust on the equipment. Their support has been consistent with the quality of their product.


This system is operational during work hours with over 450 employees, successfully. The birds have not habituated to this system either. The bird population stays away by the hundreds. This included blackbirds, pigeons, doves, and other local birds that were previous pests in our food packing plant. A side benefit is the packing area has a pleasant grape odor throughout the complex.


Thank you for your system and support. This system works.


~ Joe Glavach, Manager of Purchasing and Food Safety (Excerpts from letter received March 2006)